It’s Security Monday!

Have you heard that you should always lock your front door? Why? Because you never know if some unsavory character will break in and rob you, of course! Even people who live in safe neighborhoods will lock their front door when they leave. It provides at least a little barrier, a way to slow down someone who wants to get in to your house.

And yet, the odds of being robbed are quite slim, depending on where you live. Especially compared to the odds of having your information stolen when you browse around the internet. In spite of the likelihood of having your information stolen, most people do NOT have anything in place to prevent it from happening!

Granted, most homes come with a lock on the door already, making it really easy to just twist a key when you leave. If I start using internet security, it takes so long, it is so inconvenient…It is, but it is so important! Do you really want to make it easy to “borrow” your credit card, your bank account, your identity?

How can you get started? Let’s take some little steps together. Over the course of the next several weeks, I’m going to post a single task for you to do. One task a week. The goal is that, at the end, you will be considerable more secure in your online life, making it that much more difficult for someone to steal your identity.

Here is what to look for. The links will become active as the posts are made.

Install a password manager
Change your bank passwords
Put a password on your phone
Change duplicated passwords
Install two-factor authentication

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